WaveChange is a learning community model for transformation. 

WaveChange is more than a process.  It is a community of both Kingdom collaborators and WaveChange Facilitator-Trainers.  These two groups embody WaveChange as a system of support that releases the collective power of the church.

WaveChange is a disciplined way for churches and ministries to achieve new visions and goals through collaboration. Using the “learning community “ model of gathering teams together over time, this approach creates creative solutions, greater engagement and alignment and plans for action with accountability. It combines learning with implementation and training with experience.

WaveChange is a different way of working.  It is best used by large ministries or with multiple churches or ministries working together on a group vision.  It employs proven facilitation techniques, and also includes training and coaching to enable participating organizations to employ these same techniques after the initial learning community is completed.

Three key elements of WaveChange are:

  • A model that systematically engages teams over time

  • A methodology for session facilitation

  • Multiplication through train the Facilitator-trainer (FT3) and coaching

Engagement.  WaveChange is made up of a series of collaborative sessions that are attended by teams rather than individuals.  As such, real work (decision-making, planning and change leadership) all happens in the session itself.  This accelerates implementation and creates greater alignment. Also, because each team is working with other like minded teams, they can test ideas, collaboratively solve problems and potentially leverage resources for greater impact.

Method.  Each WaveChange Engagement is custom designed to meet the context and desired outcomes of the participating groups.  The sessions themselves are facilitated using the Results-based ConversationsTM approach.  This approach has been used with hundreds of churches and ministries all over the world for over a decade to enable collaboration and group work.

Multiplication.  With each Engagement, selected participants are trained as Facilitator-trainers.  This training includes both facilitation techniques and learning community design.  At the conclusion of the engagement, these Facilitator-Trainers are certified to train other Facilitator-trainers and conduct additional WaveChangeSM  Engagements.  Integrating the training with the conduct of the sessions allows for experiential learning that results in deeper understanding and accelerated application.