Engagement Description

KAIROS Conference

Lorrach, Germany 

Designed and facilitated a session of over 80 European missional leaders. Focus was on key issues facing the church and how to engage in the public square.

Church Growth Learning Community

Oslo, Norway

Designed session to be delivered by trained European facilitator as part of a three year engagement with eight high growth Norwegian churches.

Christ Church Anglican

Overland Park, MO

Designed and led multiple staff, Parish and congregational sessions to help clarify a vision for growth and engage the church in that vision. 


Need Him Ministries

Plano, Texas


All Saints Dallas

Dallas, Texas


Christ Church Plano

Plano, Texas


Bent Tree Bible Fellowship

Plano, Texas

Designed and led executive staff engagement to explore and refine potential operational and structural models to support their vision for future growth. 

Perimeter Church

Atlanta, Georgia

Designed and facilitated a kick off session for their church-wide annual budgeting and planning process.

M4 Europe

Oslo, Norway

Engaged over 2 years to both facilitate multi-national leadership meetings and help them apply collaborative principles to their training.

National Council of French Evangelicals

Lyon, France

Designed and launched a three year WaveChange Engagement with 10 different denominations working together to increase Evangelical church planting in France.


Georgia Baptist Convention

Colorado Springs, CO

Conducted Results-based Conversation training for ministry facilitators.

Baptist North American Mission Board (NAMB)

Dallas, Texas

Nationa conference speaker as part of their "Faith and Work" track.

Center for Contemplation and Action

Albuquerque, NM

Designed and facilitated strategy development session for Richard Rohr and his board of directors .

God First Church

Johannesburg, South Africa

Supported a GlocalNet engagement for equipping and releasing members into the domains of society.

Northwood Church

Keller, Texas

Advised them on applying best Kingdom Collaboration practices in organizational development and training.

Youth with a Mission (YWAM)

Kona, Hawaii

Designed and facilitated strategic planning session for senior leaders of WYAM and CRU engaged in the "Back to Jerusalem" movement. 

2001 - 2013


Jakarta, Indonesia; Bethlehem, Palestine

Designed and facilitated a series of "leadership communities" of global pastors, ministry and movement leaders.

Willow Creek Community Church

S. Barrington, Illinois

Created "REVEAL Works", a self-led program for churches to understand and act upon learning created by the REAVAL study.

Saddleback Church

Lake Forest, California

Designed and facilitated session in support of their vision for global engagement.

Anglican Movement in America (AMEA)

Dallas, Texas

Designed and facilitated several session on visioning, strategy development and national alignment.

New Canaan Society

New Canaan, Connecticut

Designed and facilitated several sessions on national strategy, and leadership development.

Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas, Texas

Designed and facilitated a session for future curriculum visioning. 


Nashville, Tennessee

Designed and facilitated several internal sessions for new product development, and operational improvement.

Alpha USA

Dallas, Texas

Conducted vision alignment for new President and the national staff.


Dallas, Texas

Worked with Bob Buford and the Halftime team to design the "Halftime Institute", and acted as lead facilitator for three years.

Leadership Network

Dallas, Texas

Trained and mentored leadership Network staff and facilitators in Result-based Conversations enabling them to conduct Learning Communities on their own.

Leadership Network

Dallas, Texas

Create Learning Community facilitation process for Leadership Network, and acted as lead facilitator for four years.

Leadaership Network

Dallas, Texas

Designed and facilitated vision and strategy session that led to complete restructuring of services and the formation of learning communities as a delivery model.